Being Present

This is a subject incredibly close to my heart. Being present is a choice I consciously make on the daily. I write this post to serve as an open letter to everyone, and as a reminder to myself, to stay present. Always.

As I'm jotting down my thoughts right now it's quite late at night, and I'm sat in my Dad's living room. We don't often get time together as just the two of us so I jump at any chance to be with him. We were just watching TV and he has fallen asleep. His head tilted to the side and all I can hear is the sound of him quietly snoring. A few years ago, someone snoring or falling asleep in front of the TV would have pissed me off. 
"How dare they be so rude to not pay attention to me 100% of the time?" 
However, now that I've matured, I cherish these little things. I find comfort in the simplicity of it all.

Similar to times, for example, when you're out somewhere with good friends and everyone is joking around. Sometimes until the point of cramping belly laughs. Tears rolling down cheeks. These are the moments that mean the most to me in life. I sit back during these times, watching it all unfold and I am able to go quiet and sink into my own thoughts for a couple of minutes. I watch these people innocently sleeping or laughing and my heart feels so painfully full of love that it could physically burst. I can feel it skipping around my chest. 
I think it's because I know that these aren't necessarily moments that I'll remember. They aren't big 'milestones' that stick out as you look back on life. They're moments that you get to watch right now. You're watching your life happen. You're watching the tiny experiences that shape your relationships with these wonderful humans.
You're right there in the stories you might tell in your future.

Just know that if you ever spend any amount of time with me, I am there with you. One hundo percent, no questio-nay. I am in the moment. You wont find me compulsively checking my phone every two minutes during conversation. You wont find me looking around the room as if I could think of a thousand places I'd rather be. Trust me when I say I am taking everything in. In that moment, I am yours 100 percent.

The present moment is all you're ever guaranteed, my dear. Things can change in a split second. Please soak up every precious moment, no matter how small. Take in the sound of your parent snoring. Take in the sound of your friends laughing. Take in the sound of your child's rambling, random conversations. For sadly it is not a guarantee that you'll ever hear that sound again. Take mental Polaroids of life. Store them in the safe corners of your mind and revisit them from time to time. Tell people exactly how you feel about them. Stop being 'too cool' to share your feelings. You'll only kick yourself when the moment has passed.
Be honest and be kind.
Be present.



  1. I'm not too good at it yet, but I trying to live in the moment and be present is something that I'm constantly trying to do. Loved this post.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thank you so much, Aleeha! Being present and mindfulness are definitely things that take a lot of practice. I find that the 'Headspace' app helps me. It has taught me to be in the moment and appreciate my thoughts right now, rather than worrying about the past or the future. I'd recommend it if you haven't tried it :) xx